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Robots Rising in a Post​-​Pandemic World

by The Loved Drones

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Dirt & Leaves He killed his wife on a moonlit night, he stuck a switchblade in her skin Dumped her body in an open field, by the old sailors inn He took a greyhound bus to St Louis, with thirty dollars and some gin Some rosary beads and a jailhouse prayer, nobody seen hide of him He'll be drinking in some strip joint, she'll be rotting in the ground In her dress of dirt and leaves, one of the ones they never found Every time he draws the queen of spades, she'll do the mambo in his head A prairie rose in a shallow grave, only St Peter gets the dead
Humans Can't Compete Robot athlete sonic speed Stronger than King Kong guaranteed Humankind is chicken feed To the robot athlete Humans can't compete Robot surgeon so precise Surgery risk-free under its knife You can trust it with your life The robot surgeon Robot artist it never cease Every painting is a masterpiece Rip up the Picasso and the Van Gogh please Here come the robot artist
Conveyor Belt Offspring Welcome to the new generation Genetic engineered stimulation Fully automated gestation Reproduce without fornication Mercury-lined incubator Biological emulator Reproductive droid stimulator Human DNA generator Conveyor Belt Offspring Molecule manifestation Chromosome manipulation Foetus blasted by radiation A sexual cyborg sensation
Robot Rising 03:46
Cybernetic Druids Antiquated flesh and bone replaced by steel and silicone Internal organs replicated, reproduction regulated Press the button turn the page, welcome to the sonic age No more messy human fluids, we are cybernetic druids Withe waterproof elastic skin, robotic eyelids, insulin Auditory sense receptors, telepathic thought reflectors Enhanced vision, radar manning, alpha wave embedded scanning Navigate the cosmic sewage, join the cybernetic druids We are cybernetic druids
Super Computer Energy Vortex A robot blade lacerates my skin slicing tendons in my head Surgical implants for my brain, configurations instead for the new generation Time to rewire humanity, it's a cybernetic skill Say hello to the future, say goodbye to my free will Freeze my DNA, steal my plasma, my transistors are aligned A transmitter underneath my skin, every thought and decision redefined By a super computer, pulsating at the centre of my brain The energy vortex is sending me insane
I Remember Nature I was a baby when the last tree fell and the sea became a desert again I saw an animal as I can tell but I guess it was a hologram We were the lucky ones, we got to see a simulation of what was before Now the only green is a soylent meal and the only silver lining is war I remember nature but it doesn't remember me I remember nature as far as I can see We grow babies in a big glass jar, humanity's a TV show Infertility has spread like disease and the freaks have nowhere to go We all live beneath a yellow dome, it's better than a submarine John Paul George Ringo Jimi Janis Bill and Ted, was it all just a crazy dream?
Brain Bomb 08:15
Brain Bomb If everybody thought the same as me The world would operate differently And yet it doesn't as you can see And no-one shares my philosophy So everybody is my enemy At least ideologically So how can I address this discrepancy Between me and the rest of humanity? I'll build a brain bomb A brain bomb To wipe out the thoughts of everyone With a brain bomb If everybody was as concerned as me We'd have a more tolerant society And yet they eradicate our human rights And continue to shit upon us from a great height And too many people aren't up for the fight So it's down to me to wrong the right I've got a device like you've never seen To reset the world and wipe the slate clean With a brain bomb


This latest record from The Loved Drones continues with the ethos of improvisation evident on previous releases, and whilst their last album was recorded over a period of three years (due to Covid restrictions and other factors), this new offering contains eight new songs created from scratch in the studio in just three days.
The only proviso was a working title from which to draw inspiration - "Robot Rising in a Post-Pandemic World". Riffs, melodies and lyrics were then spontaneously developed from this starting point.
A further limitation imposed was the decision to record directly to a Revox B77 stereo reel to reel, thus precluding the possibility of any overdubs or remixing. It is therefore in essence a live album.
An impending dystopian future is a familiar trope in conceptual music, but one worth revisiting in these times when we can see such themes sliding further away from science fiction and closer to unpalatable fact.
Thus we have songs about genetic engineering ('Conveyor Belt Offspring'), ecological collapse ('I Remember Nature'), enhanced body modification ('Cybernetic Druids') and humankind's ever-growing subservience and inferiority to the artificial intelligence it unwittingly sired ('Humans Can't Compete').
These elements all combine to deliver an album that captures the band's live energy coupled with a raw and sonically gratifying creativity.


released September 29, 2023

Written and played by The Loved Drones at Studio Wood.

Brian Carney: Synth & Vocal
Jerôme Mardaga : Guitar
Bernard Mazet : Guitar
Benjamin Schoos : Guitar
Pascal Scalp : Bass
Jerôme Danthinne : Drums and percussion
Chris Cerri : Piano & Organ
Artcover : Sebal

Recorded and mixed live on a 2 Tracks Revox by Maxime Wathieu at Studio Wood.
Mastered by Gilles Martin. Produced by Benjamin Schoos

Many thanks of l'Atelier Rock Huy for extra sound equipments.
Avec le soutien du Fund Belgium Music et de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles service des musiques non classiques.


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The Loved Drones Belgium

Cosmic music and weird Post-Punk from The Freaksville Mutant musical Collective.

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