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Conspiracy Dance

by The Loved Drones

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Lights 03:39
lights Light-emitting diodes flickering dashboard lights pulsing glow of life-support aeroplanes at night afterglow of dying star cats eyes in the dark neon signs in city bars helicopter searchlights the outskirts of spock hill our business is near a snake pardon the aspect parts of the alpha world dit pas behind us hear bullets thor plus the alpha world is locked see our globe shine miracally fool riad near snippets the ow
my name is sky You say you want money you say you want sex you say you are the singer of the x-ray spex you’re hiding a playing card in your shoe and your eyes are telling me things not true there’s a hole in your jacket and a diamond ring hanging down from the ceiling on a piece of string don’t believe in the shadow man he has no heart put your finger on the button ‘til the fighting starts when the wind is blowing and the moon is insane hold up take a breath and mention my name it’s sky my name is sky my eyes are two holes where cigarettes glow my soul is a sinner i’m a tale of woe diamonds shine in my rotting teeth my breath is a stench with roses beneath and that’s why my name is sky
Conspiracy Dance conspiracy dance you better shine your shoes come and take a chance with the world-war blues politicians rhumba in the cocktail hour norman bates didn’t offer me a shower i wanna do the splits but i don’t know how to the three-minute warning apocalypse now tooled-up troopers coming in the door it’s trump versus clinton versus all-out war psycho clowns gonna give you hell teenage turtles messing with my hair gel lipstick and eye-liner looking like goths shimmy to the backbeat turn back the clocks it’s the swinging sixties but based on mars saturday night fever in the all-night bars republicans democrats in star wars hats dance ‘til the end of the world you twats reggae reggae music shaking in my bones looking like the dwarf from game of thrones please mr policeman don’t shoot me i’ve only been speeding not dealing ecstacy
The last night on the last night of everything some got fat and some got thin and we were crazy on the last night of being born i smoked a cigarette on my front lawn ‘cause i was lazy on the last night of writing songs i knew i wouldn’t stick around for long and i was crazy on the last night of all mankind i struggled to find something i could leave behind and i was crazy on the last night of crossing swords i grassed up my neighbor for a big reward that they paid me on the last night of feeling dread i thought of all the people i had left for dead and how they blamed me on the last night of having sex i had the sudden urge to tell my ex how she betrayed me just because you wear a safety pin doesn’t make you rock ‘n roll just because you like marvin gaye doesn’t mean that you’ve got soul just because you’re always dressed in black doesn’t make you the devil’s son you wanna die of a heart attack ‘cause jim morrison had one oh yeah
The day that bryan gregory died Born in michigan 1951 took his name from brian jones moved up to the east coast sold records in a new york store civilization’s a foot in a shoe plasticine people with nothing to do millions of surf punks collectively sighed on the day that bryan gregory died took up guitar with the cramps had an oozing guitar sound and a face like a voodoo mask all framed in black and white streaks what a freak lux threw a party invited ‘em all the teenage werewolf accepted the call with the mad daddy garbageman and human fly on the day that bryan gregory died everybody climbed aboard the drug train took a trip on the mystery plane the zombies danced as they took strychnine on the day that bryan gregory died quit the band in 1980 in a cloud of mystery they said he was a satanist passed away in 2001 but i guess he’s gonna live on
Headhand 03:50
Headhand During the excavation of a prehistoric site a renowned archeologist meets via a divine vision a mysterious hermit he warns him that an ancestral curse will threaten the whole of mankind on the sixth of february 2023 after extensive research and with the assistance of his friend john a high-ranking scientist ben discovers the dreadful truth every living human will be taken over on that date resulting in a bloody alien revolution indeed aliens have developed a powerful weapon to kill from a long distance and take control of the earth their plan is simple on the date in question from their planet plutanus 91 the aliens a malevolent evil species will transmit via fm radio waves and wi-fi a cosmic nuclear alpha wave that will seize control of each human’s right hand causing it to attack the rest of the body thus transformed into a headhand they will become the plutanian’s slaves who will then colonise the earth and make huge profits on the interstellar stock exchange the biggest market place in the cosmos what is forseen comes to pass planet earth is stricken by chaos a horrific scene as each earthling is enslaved by his own right hand despite resistance from the left one some of which are amputated to serve as an example from that moment on their right hand takes the place of the head and begins to speak in a satanic extra-terrestrial language during his research ben finds a way to get back in touch with the hermit who is in fact jesus christ as he discovers when the hermit removes his hood and cloak in a poignant moment jesus reveals his true earthly mission he is an immortal interstellar bounty hunter he’s put a contract out on the heads of the most wanted and terrifying aliens in the galaxy the plutanians his ship broke down and he landed way too early on planet earth resulting in many misunderstandings the three heroes pull jesus’ spacecraft to john’s laboratory as jesus sets about repairing his ship the three men go in search of the chief hand in order to exterminate it the chief hand which came to life on the body of a famous politician is in fact the cosmic antichrist commonly known to humans as satan the three men slaughter the politician and several other people hands fall and arms with them jesus takes back control and returns love to the centre of the world by broadcasting a song by the king ‘you are always on my mind’ the humans who became headhands have undergone a brutal evolution yet they finally have the possibility of a better and more ecological world
Empty 04:29
Quarantine 05:17
Quarantine people gather ‘round and listen to me hear my song hear my song mr marmalade is coming to tea and he’s bringing mr chips along there are fifty million ways to be free just don’t take too long choosing one or you could just stay home and watch your tv there might be some good films on all my shelves are packed with pasta and beans i must have a hundred tins my toilet cabinet has burst at the seams but i can squeeze a few more in at the time we were feeling fine just the chance to spend some quality time now everybody’s feeling mean now they’ve got us under quarantine feels like my world is coming to an end all the teenage kids are banned from the malls it’s like some form of martial law me and my buddies are all climbing the walls since they closed the record store people say it’s just a phoney disease the army cooked up in some lab my head is aching and i’ve started to sneeze what do you think about that? at the time we were feeling fine just to chat and share a bottle of wine
Baphomet 04:08
Baphomet baphomet send me your oxidised dreams caught in the crossfire of juno and orpheus too close to sodom and far from relieved the doors of perception have turned to catastrophe baphomet satan is yesterday’s news the world is so evil he don’t have no place in it went to poseidon and sold him his shoes lives on an island with cronos and morpheus and the wind blows again and the wind blows for you baphomet listen they’re playing our tune we’ll burn down the houses we’ll ride with the valkyries warp factor six then turn off the universe death’s not the end so why does it feel like it? but this is still home
A firework exploding like a firework exploding in a clear night sky she walks up behind behind my eyeline carrying a bottle of something snide she says throw back your head and open wide the devil is easy it’s life that’s hard the road to redemption is being re-tarred i’m under the covers with dostoevsky covid 19 and a bottle of whiskey my narcissism is ripe for the cause with a boyish face and hands like claws the suicide starlet is yesterday’s news the victimised kid has taken her shoes they say you get the life you deserve so it’s best to keep something in reserve for when your rough-cut talent gets pinched by a toff ‘cause at the end of the day we are all van gogh like a firework exploding in a clear night sky says it’s my time the stars all align and i think about money and i think about fame and all the dead bodies in the popstar game but i’ll beat the odds and howl at the moon i am the architect of destiny’s tune gonna dine on a diet of crack cocaine ‘til terminal dementia has eaten my brain it’s only words without punctuation of the human kind release your mind ideas upon ideas off the page in manic uncontrolled literary madness don’t stop to think and censor or make sense of the words and thoughts faster damned inability on this device nice ice robot monocle random toyshop ticking clock ignore the phone never look back or think ahead every word is a fraction of a second ahead of the key and the past is but a moment behind a small spaceship crash-landed on a distant alien planet it had a crew of two men and two women from earth the inhabitants of this planet were humanoid in form and identical to humans in every respect but one in that they didn’t have heads the spaceship was damaged beyond repair and the planet’s civilization was unable to assist they communicated by telepathy and lacking the saving grace of a beautiful or handsome face nature had compensated by giving them perfect bodies every living person was a venus or an adonis they were also very physical sexual expression was virtually a language to them and one they were keen to speak with the four humans after some weeks the two women became jaded with this existence they longed for a smile the kiss of lips or to gaze into a pair of eyes for affection or empathy they both came to realise that they couldn’t live without these things and would inevitably form two couples with their two male crew members and this new eden would have surely unfolded had it not been for the two men who they never set eyes on again


This October sees the release of the new album by The Loved Drones – ‘Conspiracy Dance’. It’s the fourth record from the Belgian psychedelic band, a floating collective headed by Freaksville Records creator Benjamin Schoos. This album is a departure from their previous predominantly instrumental soundscapes, moving more into song-based structures, but still retaining the improvised spaced-out style of its predecessors. As ever, the band draws on its nucleus of diverse and eclectic musicians with occasional guest contributors (Man From Uranus, Jeronimo).

Keyboardist (and Englishman) Brian Carney takes on lead-vocal duties for the first time, propelling the band into ever stranger dimensions and styles. The album is a heady voyage through stoned psychedelia (‘Lights’, ‘Headhand’), surf-guitar (‘The Day That Bryan Gregory Died’), Krautrock (‘My Name is Sky’, ‘A Firework Exploding’) and skewed pop (‘Conspiracy Dance’, ‘Quarantine’).

The album was recorded over a four-year period, and started life as a series of jamming sessions in various studios with various members. As the songs organically evolved, further sessions followed (with some vocals improvised in the studio), and in 2020 preliminary mixes were sent back and forth between Schoos and Carney, who added more vocal ideas.
Carney – “Belgium was in a state of lockdown but I was allowed out for “exercise”, so every day I would walk for hours with the songs on an i-pod until inspiration struck. The city was deserted; an eerie haunting stillness hung in the air, which definitely contributed to some of the subject matter and themes.”
Carney, who was synth-player for twelve years with freak-rockers, ‘Poisoned Electrick Head’ before relocating to Belgium, even added words and ideas from over thirty years ago to some songs – “When I worked in the Dead Fly Studios in the UK in the late 80s, I would experiment late at night, “Naked Lunch-style” with stream-of-consciousness writing on a battered typewriter. Thankfully I kept this frazzled text all these years, and some of it made it onto the album”.

Lyrically the album explores themes of alien invasion, laughing (and dancing) in the face of imminent apocalypse, mortality, revenge and controlling your own destiny. There’s even a homage to the late Cramps guitarist Bryan Gregory – “I heard Jerome Mardaga’s twangy surf guitar and Gregory’s enigmatic face appeared in my mind!”

Sadly guitarist Marc Wathieu (aka Marc Morgan), a successful solo artist in his own right in France and Belgium, died in January of this year and never saw the album reach fruition. It remains his last recorded work, and was lovingly engineered in part by his son Maxime.

Within the album’s grooves you can hear elements of The Cure, Neu, Sonic Youth, Dick Dale and even The Specials! The result is an intoxicating brew of the best of underground music filtered through a Belgian sensibility and given an English twist!

Belgium is quite rightly the home of Surrealism and The Loved Drones are back to prove it!


Qu’on soit musicien ou simple être humain, le timing est toujours une science : dans le cas des Loved Drones, on serait tenté de dire qu’il est involontairement parfait. Alors même que la planète se couvrait la figure dans une ambiance post-apocalyptique digne des meilleurs films de John Carpenter, le groupe masqué avant même l’apparition du coronavirus finissait l’enregistrement d’un quatrième album au nom equivoque : “Conspiracy dance”.

Loin d’être un simple echo à l’actualité, aux fake news comme à la tentation d’une partie du public de douter de tout, même du plus evident, “Conspiracy Dance” n’est pas un énième “disque de confinement” comme nous en avons trop entendu. C’est, à l’inverse, une nouvelle rampe de lancement pour le projet initié par Benjamin Schoos en 2010 avec, pour objectif, l’espace, l’évasion et un gros paquet de rock psychédélique planqué dans les moteurs.

Après “Good Luck Universe!” (2016), la bande a pris son temps, débuté l’enregistrement de nouveaux morceaux aux quatre coins de la Belgique. Et puis la vérité s’est imposée d’elle-même : il fallait placer un cosmonaute au micro. C’est l’un des changements majeurs sur “Conspiracy Dance” : un chanteur a pris place au volant ! Et son nom, pour les fins connaisseurs de la soucoupe Freaksville, n’est pas inconnu. Il s’agit de Brian Carney, un Anglais expatrié déjà repéré sous le blaze Android 80 et qui, pour la première fois, emmène The Loved Drones vers un pays imaginaire situé quelque part entre l’Angleterre dansante de Primal Scream et l’Allemagne poom-tchak de Neu ! Le résultat est assez clair : plutôt qu’un album de rock bas du front, nous voilà en presence de dix vignettes pop sous helium dont certaines, comme The day that Bryan Gregory died, permettent de plonger dans les profondeurs du cerveau génialement malade de Brian Carney. L’Anglais, qui a tenu pendant 12 ans les claviers du groupe Poisoned Electrick Head, explique : “Pendant le confinement [à Liège, Ndr], j’étais uniquement autorisé à sortir pour faire un peu d’exercice physique. C’est là que j’ai découvert une ville déserte, il flottait dans l’air comme un parfum d’étrangeté dans lequel j’ai puisé pour écrire les themes de l’album, avec un iPod sur les oreilles”. A vrai dire, ce disque aurait tout aussi bien pu sortir en 1987 à Bristol ou Manchester, et c’est d’ailleurs dans certaines de ses notes de l’époque que Carney a récupéré quelques idées fondatrices de cet album sensible à plus d’un titre, puisqu’on y entend également les derniers accords de guitare de Marc Morgan, tristement disparu en janvier 2020. Parfois hélas, le timing sait aussi être inexact.

A ceux qui n’auraient pas le temps de monter à bord pendant tout le trajet, on conseillera vivement l’écoute des titres Conspiracy Dance (une ritournelle d’instant pop que n’aurait pas renié les Specials des eighties), My name is sky (et son texte pure british façon slang) ou Empty (l’un des moments les plus radiophoniques de l’album). Autant de bonnes portes pour entrer dans cette danse de la conspiration dont on espère, pour le coup, qu’elle sera contagieuse.


'Quirky and infectious pop, the lyrics are imaginative and often dryly amusing. Easily one of the most startlingly original and exciting albums I've heard in recent times.' - Backseat Mafia

'Brings both the combined magic of Jilted John and the lyrical dexterity of John Cooper Clarke with a swinging-sixties beat. I can only stand back and applaud.' - Monolith Cocktail

'The Loved Drones strike home with particular insight, grit and determination. The wheels on this particular vehicle are not just in motion, they are leaving others behind to sift the dust and soil from their eyes, looking longingly at the freedom The Loved Drones have carved out for themselves.' - Liverpool Sound & Vision

'Conspiracy Dance takes The Loved Drones for the first time to a fantasy land somewhere between the English dancing of Primal Scream and the poom-tchak Germany of Neu! This album could just as well have been released in 1987 in Bristol or Manchester.' - Musiczine


released October 30, 2020

The Loved Drones

Conspiracy Dance

Words by Brian Carney
Music by The Loved Drones
Freaksville Publishing 2020

The Loved Drones are :

Brian Carney : Vocals, Jupiter 8
Jerôme Danthine : Drums and percussion
Pascal Scalp : Bass
Benjamin Schoos : Guitar, Bass, Synths, Drums and percussion
Bernard Mazet : Guitar
Marc Wathieu: Guitar
Jerôme Mardaga : Guitar
Fabrice Marotta : Monophonic Synth solo on 'Conspiracy Dance'
Phil MFU : Synths on 'Baphomet'

The Conspiracy Dance backing vocal girls:
Line Brasseur, Claire Wilcock, Emmanuelle Kaizon

Recorded by Maxime Wathieu at Studio 5, recorded by Sabino Orsini at Eastview Studio.
Mixed and mastered at Farside by Gilles Martin

Produced by Benjamin Schoos for Freaksville

Dedicated to our friend Marc Wathieu

A side
Lights - 3:44
My Name is Sky - 2:49
Conspiracy Dance- 4:23
The Last Night - 4:36
The Day That Bryan Gregory Died - 3:12
Headhand - 3:52

B side

Empty - 4:33
Quarantine - 5:16
Baphomet - 4:27
A Firework Exploding - 7:32


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The Loved Drones Belgium

Noyau dur du label de rock underground belge Freaksville Record, Les Loved Drones sont nés sous la houlette du producteur Benjamin Schoos. Musique instrumentale cosmique aux confins du Kraut Rock, du Synth-jazz, de la Noisy pop et de la musique des b.o Seventies. ... more

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